Routes Into…

Our free Routes Into... courses gives you the chance to explore what it would be like to work in specific area of employment and what this employment could offer you. The workshops will help you to think about if this kind of work is right for you, and what you need to do to be ready to apply for the job you would like.

You will find out about some of the different jobs available in your chosen area of employment. You will think about how you might start working in this industry and discover the career progression opportunities available once you have a job within your chosen area.

You will discover what it would be like to do a job you want to, what tasks you will need to do so, the skills you might need to learn, the hours and days you will be needed to work, and more..

On this FREE half day course, you will:

  • Use the internet to research what a specific job role involves
  • Compare your current skills to those required for a role you would like to apply for
  • Identify your training needs and plan what skills you need to develop to help you be ready to apply for your chosen job role
  • Develop knowledge of the work area you would like to be employed in and the skills required to work, or volunteer in this industry
  • Complete a range of activities, develop your communication, social, team work and organisational skills which are essential skills for employment
  • During the course you will complete different activities and tasks while building a small portfolio, which you can take away on the day along with a certificate of attendance

 To sign up please call us on 01223 703530