Provider learner success

'In your words…'

“I am currently unemployed having worked for 9 years in a variety of jobs. I unfortunately became involved in substance abuse and had legal difficulties. After a serious head injury in 2014, I re-evaluated my life and am now looking to develop skills to return to work.

I did a course on IT refurbishment and software use with Reboot. Reboot have provided me with all the resources to achieve this. I am happy with all the support given for the training and boosting confidence.

My time at Reboot has boosted my confidence immensely and has given me the impetus to start applying for jobs. I have also used skills learned to further my own projects such as my own website.

With the help this has given me the name of Reboot should be widely advertised as I think more people would benefit from both the training and the extra support offered.”

Reboot IT Learner, CALF Project, March 2017