Case Study Romsey Mill

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Abakar's story

Abakar joined classes at October half term, he is a joy to teach although his maths vocabulary is limited due to English not being his first language; he takes copious notes to research at home and is an active member of the class.

"I came to the UK in 2001 from Sudan where I attended school between the ages of 12-18.  The first thing I did was attend ESOL classes at Cherry Hinton Hall but they didn’t give a qualification so I stopped going.  I am a taxi driver in the city centre and work around my classes, I’m doing maths and English functional skills. I found out about the classes when I got a leaflet through the door.  I have 3 children, 2 go to Ridgefield primary school and my eldest son goes to Parkside, he is surprised dad goes to class but he does share his homework with me especially his maths, we are both at the same level, it’s a race to get to level 2! I want to go to university when I get my qualifications, I like science, perhaps I will study something to do with medicine"

Caroline's story

Caroline joined the maths and English functional skills courses last September, she lives in Great Abbington and travels into Cambridge to attend class twice a week, she takes three buses to get to class.  Caroline has a spiky educational profile, when we first met her she assessed at Entry 3 for maths and English, she initially lacked confidence and was a quiet member of both groups. Since September her confidence and aspirations have grown, she has befriended another class member who is at risk of homelessness and who is isolated from her own family giving her support and encouragement to attend.  Caroline’s long term goal is to support her children through education and gain employment.  Caroline speaks 6 languages.

“I was born in South Africa during the Apartheid period. During that time, there were two separate systems of education: one for whites only and another for blacks only called Bantu Education. The education offered to blacks was poor and did not equip them with even the basic literacy and numeracy skills.

When we moved to the UK, it was my life goal to improve my English and maths. Due to family commitments as a mother of three, I could not start earlier. I heard about the classes offered by Parkside Federation Academies  and decided to apply. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to complete the lessons,  I have so far been enjoying the classes and benefiting a lot. The teachers have been very helpful. I have become a volunteer at my children’s school which has helped me to make friends in the village I live in. My goal is to go on to study for a GCSE in maths and English and then use that to seek employment as a tutor, or continue to further studies.”

Su’s story - Screen printing on cloth workshop, March 2018
The adult education class I did today was brilliant. I loved doing screen printing again so thanks to Adult Learning and Skills for part-funding it. My tutor was awesome. She was so encouraging, positive and up for experimenting with ideas. I was able to build on my existing skill set and that will have ripple effects across my creative work.

Science is proving the benefits of lifelong learning to help brain plasticity and to fend off dementia etc.  I think there are other social and health benefits too. It helps with health and well-being, self-confidence, creativity, as well as having the chance to try something new and to meet new people.

I want to do more classes, I'd forgotten how much I love learning something new.

Reboot IT Learner, CALF Project, March 2017
“I am currently unemployed having worked for 9 years in a variety of jobs. I unfortunately became involved in substance abuse and had legal difficulties. After a serious head injury in 2014, I re-evaluated my life and am now looking to develop skills to return to work.

I did a course on IT refurbishment and software use with Reboot. Reboot have provided me with all the resources to achieve this. I am happy with all the support given for the training and boosting confidence.

My time at Reboot has boosted my confidence immensely and has given me the impetus to start applying for jobs. I have also used skills learned to further my own projects such as my own website.

With the help this has given me the name of Reboot should be widely advertised as I think more people would benefit from both the training and the extra support offered.”

Digital Photography – Beginners, Adult Learning and Skills, St Ivo School
I learned about my camera from nothing to manual use. It was a great course enhanced by the tutor's instruction and guidance. I am now much more confident in using my camera…. and interacting with people.

I enjoyed the 'homework' as it meant weekends out and about!

I now have another interest for retirement and I'm inspired to enrol on Beginnners Plus digital photography.

I have become more confident with my camera. And I hope the photographs I take at work will now be better.

Watercolour - Adult Learning and Skills, St Ivo School
Mixing with a group of other artists and the tutor, to help and encourage is more inspiring than doing it at home on your own. I wanted to get back started into art after a long period out due to ill health. I feel that it has helped to learn new techniques in watercolour as a group which has built our confidence up and also helped us to become friends with the same interest. I have felt I have gained more confidence in myself as a person and confident in my art.

I learned many techniques ranging from drawing through to watercolour painting. There was detailed guidance through practical demonstration through to individual tuition within a secure and comfortable environment. It was extremely enjoyable and I feel encouraged to undertake more (painting) activity both at home and by attending further courses.