How to become a provider

How to become a provider


Providers are organisations who have successfully applied and been awarded a contract with Cambridgeshire Adult Learning and Skills during the current academic year.

Note all Providers are expected to join their local CLAS therefore all Providers are also Partners 


Cambridgeshire Adult Learning & Skills grant funding.

Organisations that wish to apply for grant funding and become an Adult Learning & Skills provider must complete a Due Diligence and application process.

Due Diligence
Due Diligence is now closed for year 2017-2018.

From 20th March, if your documentation and creditworthiness has been checked as suitable you will be required to tell us what you will be delivering and how.


13th February 2017 - Due Diligence Opens

3rd March 2017 - Due Diligence Closes (midnight)

20th March 2017 - Application Opens - Documents will be available from 5pm

12th May 2017 - Applications close (midnight)

22nd May - 5th June 2017 - Bids are scored

w/c 5th June - Panel meets to review and discuss

w/c 12th June 2017 - Decision letters are issued

w/c 10th July - Contracts Issued

21st July 2017 - Deadline for signed contracts to be received by CCC

Please find Frequently Asked Questions document here

Application Documents for 17-18

Below you will find all of the documents required to apply for funding in 17-18. It is advised that you carefully read the 'How to apply' and 'Supporting Information' documents before completing your application.

How to apply for funding here

Supporting Information here

Application Form here

Rates of Pay 17-18 here

Approved Qualification funding rates here

Adult Learning & Skills 17-18 priorities here

Guidance for Accredited Learning here

Application FAQ's

It has been raised that the Application Form references to the following document “17-18 Key Measures Document” please note this has now changed to “Supporting Information Supplier Responsibilities” so please refer to this document.