Fees & Charges

Charges and fees

Tuition Fee Policy

The aim of this policy is to give clear guidance regarding the charging of fees for provision delivered by or on behalf of Cambridgeshire’s Adult Learning and Skills Service (ALS). The Tuition Fee Policy relates to the type of fees a learner may have to pay and includes:

  • Tuition fees
  • Awarding body registration and exam fees (including re-takes)
  • Fees for resources, equipment etc.

Adults aged 19 and over on the 31st August of the current academic year are eligible to participate on ALS programmes which are funded through the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and for which, in some cases, fees are paid by the learner.

ALS delivers the following Adult Learning programmes:

  • Community Learning Universal Programme – These courses are available to all adults and delivered by ALS and via a number of sub-contractors. Fees may be charged for these programmes, including fees for materials. These are decided by the course provider. 
  • Community Learning Targeted Programme – These courses are delivered by ALS and a range of sub-contractors . The Targeted Programme aims to meets the learning needs of adults within specific target groups. Details of the targeted learners are listed below. Course fees and charges for materials may apply to this provision.
    • Learners on provision which supports civic engagement and community decision making.
    • Learners on provision which supports those who need to improve their mental or physical health.
    • Provision to support involvement and enhancement of volunteers.
    • Learners on provision which helps to widen access to digital skills, maths and English.
    • Learners on provision which helps build stronger families.
    • Opportunities for individuals, in particular JSA/ESA claimants, and communities to develop social and economic independence or overcome barriers to participation.
    • Learners on provision to support ex-offenders.
    • Provision specifically for learners from a minority group as defined by the Single Equality Act 2010.
    • Older new* learners (aged 60+). Support for an active later life.
    • New* Male learners (19 – 25 age group). 
    • * Note: New = a learner who has not been funded by the ESFA in the last 2 years unless the learning is a progression
  • Accredited Learning Programme – Theses courses are delivered throughout Cambridgeshire by ALS and a number of sub-contracted delivery partners. The providers are responsible for collecting fees in accordance with this policy and SFA Funding Guidance. 
  • Full Cost Programmes Accredited and Non Accredited – These courses receive no public subsidy or funding and the provider is expected to operate a full cost recovery modelthough ALS may still gather information on these learners to help us track participation.

Course Fees

Course/tuition fees are charged by ALS and its sub-contractors for the delivery of learning.

Fees are payable in full at the beginning of each course as part of the enrolment process. The table below details the charges.


Course type

Fee 2016 - 2017

Community Learning Universal


Decided by the provider/sub-contractor

Community Learning Targeted including CALF*


No fee on discreet courses but fees apply to all other courses and are decided by the provider/sub-contractor

Accredited Learning

Fully Funded Learner

No fee or other costs


Co-funded Learner

Up to 50% of the funding rate plus awarding body costs and exam fees

Full cost

Learner ineligible for ESFA funding

100% of the cost of delivering the course


* ALS will also fully fund:   

  • Learners on CALF
  • Certain directly delivered targeted provision

Fee remission

Each sub-contractor must have a Fee Remission Policy:

ALS and our providers may use their discretion to fund other learners if all the following apply:

  • the learner who receives other state benefits and earns less than 16 times the National Minimum Wage per week or £330 per month
  • the learner who wants to be employed (or move into more sustainable employment and earns less than 16 times the National Minimum Wage per week or £330 per month) and we are satisfied the learning is directly relevant to their employment prospects and local labour market needs.

ALS also applies the following fee remission:

  • Learners who meet the conditions set out in the ESFA guidance for full funding are eligible for fee remission on an ALS directly delivered Community Learning Universal Programme and will pay a maximum of £50 per course.
  • A 25% fee remission on chargeable directly delivered courses for those on benefits.


Each sub-contractor must have a Refunds Policy

For courses delivered by ALS directly we will refund all fees paid by a learner if:

  • We cancel the course because we are unable to recruit a sufficient number of learners
  • We permanently change the course to a different time or location that is no longer convenient
  • We make any significant changes to the course aims and objective

For courses delivered by ALS we will refund all fees paid by a learner (less a 10% administrative charge at our discretion) if:

  • The learner requests a refund at least two weeks before a course starts
  • The learner requests a refund less than two weeks before the start of a course due to serious illness

ALS will not refund fees if:

  • A learner cancels after a course has begun
  • A learner has missed some classes

For full funding information please refer to the ESFA Funding Rules for the current academic year: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sfa-funding-rules

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