Course Fees
Some courses are fully funded by the ESFA so there is no fee to pay.    Some courses are only co-funded so you may be required to pay a fee.   All delivery is subject to the ESFA Funding Rules with regards to eligibility.   Check with your tutor or Centre Manager regarding the fee for your course.

We may be able to help with the fees we charge on some courses, particularly if you are unemployed, in receipt of benefits and are enrolling on a course to help you find employment.

Maths and English qualifications are always free of charge if you are assessed as having a need for the qualification.

Some qualifications, such as IT or work skills may have a charge applied if you are employed. Our full Local Remission Fee Policy can be found here 1819 Local Fee Remission Policy.pdf

Additional Learning Support
If you have a learning difficulty or disability we will provide any additional support you may need to ensure that you achieve your learning goals, if you have declared this on your enrolment form.
While enrolled on one of our qualification courses, if you are unemployed we may be able to help you with childcare costs (if you are aged 20+) or transport costs (if these are not being paid by your Job Centre). However it is your responsibility to tell the Department for Work and Pensions about any learner support that you are receiving from us, as any payments may affect your eligibility to some benefits.

In some circumstances we may be able to waive the fees for your course.  Please discuss your individual circumstances with your course tutor or Centre Manager

Each of our Providers must have their own Refunds Policy in place.    Please speak to your tutor or Centre Manager for more information.

For courses delivered directly by Adult Learning and Skills we will refund all fees paid by a learner if:
• We cancel the course because we are unable to recruit a sufficient number of learners
• We permanently change the course to a different time or location that is no longer convenient
• We make any significant changes to the course aims and objective

We will also refund all fees paid by a learner (less a 10% administrative charge at our discretion) if:
• The learner requests a refund at least two weeks before a course starts
• The learner requests a refund less than two weeks before the start of a course due to serious illness

ALS will not refund fees if:
• A learner cancels after a course has begun
• A learner has missed some classes

Supply Chain Fees and Charges
We contract with a number of organisations who deliver courses on our behalf all over Cambridgeshire.   These organisations are known as our Providers and a full list of our current Providers can be found here

Our Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy can be found here Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy 1819.pdf