Adult learning projects

Adult learning and skills projects are focused on improving digital literacy and inclusion and employability. Projects also develop local volunteers and self-sufficiency so that the activities can continue beyond the end of the funding.

The projects are funded for a fixed term, usually just a few years. Funding comes from a range of central government (DWP and BIS) or European (Interreg) development funds. We often run projects in partnership with other organisations; voluntary sector organisations, local employers, job centres and other councils.

Community Connections South

Community Connections South (CCS) is a partnership designed to improve employment opportunities for people who are furthest from the job market and who are not engaged in existing employment programmes. It targets people who are unemployed, or economically inactive.
The project provides services to help people progress towards employment including informal community learning, structured and accredited learning opportunities, vocational training, coaching and counselling and employment programmes.
It is funded through the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) Programme – funded by Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund - and is one of four BBO programmes operating in the Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (GCGP LEP) areas. CCS covers the districts of Huntingdonshire, South Cambridgeshire, East Cambridgeshire, Cambridge City, Forest Heath and Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk).

Digital inclusion project

The aims of the future digital inclusion project are:
•to help a minimum of 1 million people gain basic online skills and to get online by 31 March 2019, on budget and with the impact required

•to help people acquire relevant skills to become skilled and confident citizens who are at ease with technology and are provided with the confidence and desire to learn more

•to attract and engage more socially and digitally excluded people and enable them to access online government services effectively

•to build, support and develop a cohort of volunteers and local digital champions that will play an active role in supporting delivery and disseminating opportunities to play a more active role in the community

Silver Learners

The objective of this project is to establish a strategic partnership with international partners to focus on the transfer, development and implementation of innovations, in particular on those in the field of media skills and health education for adults over 60.
Partners share their experiences regarding the motivation to learn, the opportunities for education and the barriers to learning, investigate the influence of the social environment on the educational activities and, will develop pedagogical models for improving the education situation for the 60+ generation.
This project is funded by the European Erasmus+ programme.

Policy Compass

Policy Compass is a prototype policy modelling software which will allow both public and professional users to interrogate open data. Policy modelling allows services to plan their provision and budgets. Policy Compass will enable users to upload different data sets to answer questions on the impact of policies.
By using the Policy Compass Tool and open data, we will be able to see trends in learners and evidence of learning outcomes, with the aim of being able to demonstrate the impact of funding on learning outcomes.


DAREED is a prototype web-based tool that will encourage energy efficiency and low carbon activities at neighbourhood, city and district levels. Cambridgeshire is one of three pilot sites across Europe who will be using and testing the system.
The DAREED platform will give different types of users (citizens, household landlords, energy managers and policy makers) access to energy modelling and simulation tools as well as consumption monitoring, analysis and control; aiming to improve energy awareness and support users to make informed decisions about their own and others' consumption. The online tool will be used to support our digital inclusion and digital literacy work.