We offer a range of courses for adults with learning difficulties and
disabilities.  If you have a learning difficulty or disability we will provide the support you need to ensure that you progress towards your own learning and skills goals.
Our programme offers you a tailored path to help you develop your skills to work towards your individual hopes and dreams.  We work together to create your Aspiration Tree and build your Vocational Profile that will form the basis of your learning with us towards becoming more independent with life and work skills.
How much will this course cost me?
These courses are fully funded, meaning there is no cost to pay for adults who are aged 19+, have lived in the EEA for at least 3 years and who are
unemployed or low waged (earning less than £16,009.50 annual wage) and in receipt of active benefits.
Otherwise courses are co-funded which means there is a cost to pay:
£100 per term
For learners who don’t meet the funding criteria you will pay the full cost for your learning:
£200 per term