Our offer

Our offer

Adult Learning and Skills Service

The focus of the Adult Learning and Skills Service (ALS) is to help individuals, communities and businesses fulfil their potential and to grow by giving access to learning and skills development. The service works to offer a consistent and high quality experience for people wherever they engage with us and to work with partners to ensure we reach those furthest from learning. The teams within the service can offer careers advice and guidance, assessment, initial and advanced skills learning and a range of support for skills development and routes into employment
The service has a universal offer but, in some circumstances, learners are targeted where they are either farthest from learning, in the more deprived areas or hardest to reach circumstances and where they or their employer have not been able to fulfil their potential.

Cambridgeshire County Council Priorities

The Council has seven key priorities around which it positions its services:
Older people live well independently
People with disabilities live well independently
People at risk of harm are kept safe
People lead a healthy lifestyle
Children and young people reach their potential in settings and schools
The Cambridgeshire economy prospers to the benefit of all Cambridgeshire residents
People live in a safe environment

The service has worked with colleagues across the County Council to develop a Skills Strategy that embraces the transition of young people into the Adult Learning and Skills and on into employment. It is also working as part of the Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Service initiative to ensure adults get good careers advice and find their way in employment in the growing local economy.


Qualifications empower learners by providing learning experiences that inspire personal development and enable learners to gain evidence to support progression in both work and life The service holds accreditation with a number of awarding body organisations to support the work we do with learners and to offer learners  the opportunity to gain a  recognised qualification.  .

The awarding bodies  we work with are:

  • City and Guilds
  • Gateway
  • British Computer Society


Self Assessment 

Adult Learning and Skills annually completes a self assessment report which is inclusive of all the work we do across the service including partners work.

The process of the self assessment is to assess the Service against the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework while focusing on maintain strengths and addressing weaknesses.

 So why do we self assess? 

 To review the quality of the learner’s experience

  • Inform Ofsted and other external quality assurance inspections of our work
  • Reflect back on delivery and highlight improvement areas resulting in an annual quality improvement plan.


Adult Learning and Skills Ofsted report 2016