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Head of Service: Tanya Meadows
Head of Service: Tanya Meadows

***BROCHURE FOR 2019-2020 COURSES***


Cambridgeshire Skills Spring Term Brochure
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A message from the Head of Service

I am delighted to present our January brochure following the successful launch of our organisation in 2019. From September 2019, we have enrolled almost 1000 people onto our courses in 39 parts of the county. We are helping to empower people to progress onto further study, employment, volunteering and career progression by offering a range of exciting, fun-filled courses. Why not pop along or call one of our friendly staff to discuss what you’re going to learn in 2020?

People recognise that learning is one of the greatest investments they can make for their future and that of their families and communities, as it opens up a wealth of opportunities. We are committed to supporting your personal development and enhancing your learning experience to help you improve your work and career prospects, personal development and general wellbeing.

We support people who live and work in the county to improve their work and career prospects; get more out of their family lives and social relationships and generally improve their confidence and wellbeing through the range of courses offered by Cambridgeshire Skills.

The Service has always worked in close partnership with other fantastic community organisations across the county to provide courses that meet the needs of our community and our economy. Students appreciate the high quality learning experience that Cambridgeshire Skills provides and use their skills to enhance their lives.

I do hope that you will find something in this brochure that appeals to you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact me via email:

tanya.meadows@cambridgeshire.gov.uk and let me know what you would like us to consider for the future.

I look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming year and hope you enjoy your chosen course(s) with us.

Best wishes,

Tanya Meadows Head of Service