Lizzie finds success through securing employment with the help of Switch Now!
After completing a supported work placement involving Wyboston Lakes Resort, Switch Now has recently announced that Lizzie has in fact been offered the opportunity of the role of Food & Beverage Assistant within the Willows Training Centre. Switch Now support and trains adults with disabilities, additional needs and learning difficulties to build their confidence with a focus on their work skills, improve their future and enabling them to secure employment.
Lizzie managed to secure employment after receiving extensive training and support as a result of joining Switch Now to enhance her skills, inclusive in enhancing her confidence and employability.
Switch Now Director, Catherine Fairholm highlighted “We are delighted that Lizzie competently completed her work placement a Wyboston Lakes to such a level, where her skills show she is employable.”

Dawn rebuilds her life after being referred to Adult Learning and Skills
Dawn Started the beginners course Learn My Way after she moved to Cambridge and after finding work in a café. She then went onto study ECDL at level 1.
Despite developing a debilitating allergy which caused Dawn serious eczema she overcame these struggles. Having to give up her café job, the need to gain confidence, as well as, a qualification in IT grew in order for her to find office orientated work.
Dawn has said her time at the Learning centre was a “rounded experience” and now she is “walking taller.”  Her Tutor – Terry, also highlighted she has so much more confidence and that Dawn is now fearless in trying new things.
Dawn has now successfully completed and achieved ECDL Levels 1 & 2. Dawn now volunteers at a gallery based in Cambridge. Dawn has also been asked to help in the office. The course has provided her with the knowledge and confidence she needed to help her progress at the gallery.

The team at Romsey Mill has helped young mum find ‘a better version’ of herself
Here are some comments from a recent learner, a young parent experiencing difficulties around the birth of a child:
“I have been attending various courses at Romsey Mill. The most recent is the Shine course, where you find out about what sort of person you are. It helps you to grow your feeling of self-worth.”
“Without Romsey Mill’s help I don’t know what would have happened. Thankfully they were there for me when I most needed help – and now my life is the complete opposite of how it was at that time.”
“I have now got a purpose for my future and I am starting to think about a career. The help that I have had from Romsey Mill has been so important in my life since I was pregnant. I lost myself on the way, but I have now found myself again – I’m a better version of myself.”

Taking the first exciting steps to transition to a new career as a professional gardener
A learner at Bottisham Village College Adult Learning started her pursuit of a career change when she enquired about a route to become a professional gardener. She was already undertaking her RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture. The recommended next course was RHS Level 2 Certificate in Practical Horticulture. This learner gained an immense amount of confidence in relation to the practicality of the garden design process – specifically with measuring and drawing to scale.
This learner found the course to be a comprehensive and well-structured. She also mentioned how the tutor was both encouraging and knowledgeable. This course has also complemented her previous study.
The outcome is that her studies have aided her development in professional horticulture. She has high ambitions of being successful in securing employment as a professional gardener in the near future!

Rachel’s confidence grows along with her learning progress!
Rachel is a Move on up learner came to the Independence Skills - Speak to communicate Entry 2 course with the intention to improve both her English and Maths skills. She stated, “I had done gardening at college but I felt I needed to do more Maths and English.”
The impact has been most significant for Rachel, as she explained, “It has made me more confident when meeting new people. It has made me join other clubs and events because of meeting new people on the course.”
The progress made has enriched Rachel’s life a great deal. She added “I am much more able to be involved in groups and speak up more for myself since coming to the class.”

Career progression provided with Functional Skills Maths qualification
I started my Functional Skills Maths at Level 1 course in late 2018 with high hopes of achieving the first Level.
From the start I had a great deal of encouragement and support at the Learning Centre, my tutor Terry guided me through what my strong and weak areas were so that I could key into the areas in which I needed to work on the most. This really helped me gain an immense amount of confidence in maths. Terry supported me when I found things difficult she would show me how to break down the question and tackle it bit by bit.
This course equipped me with the skills I needed to progress within my current role in terms of the Financial side of my job.
On my second exam attempt thanks to all the guidance and support that I received I achieved the Functional Skills Maths at Level 1.
I am now going to be progressing on to the Functional Skills Maths at Level 2 qualification.