Joseph… completed a successful traineeship at Switch Now
Joseph has achieved moving from an unpaid role to a paid role at The Hub, Little Paxton through doing a traineeship with Switch Now.
Joseph says:
"I wanted to do my traineeship to increase my skills and lead to employment in the future."
"Now I have a paid job which makes me happy!"
"I am now more confident to speak to people I don’t know and ask questions and I am more confident in managing my time."
Joseph talks about a typical day at work.
- I was trusted to be a key holder to my workplace building at The Hub, Little Paxton
- I manage cleaning products to ensure I don’t run out
- I complete an assessment of the building each day to plan my cleaning routine
- I use my health and safety knowledge to work safely
- I enjoy continuing to work on my maths/English
- Switch Now staff came to see me at work regularly and helped me when I had any problems.

Max ‘An Art course built my confidence enough to make me want to do a maths qualification’
I moved to Cambridge and didn’t know anyone so I decided to join an art course to get back into an old hobby of mine. 
Maths was never my favourite subject at school and when I found out I could do a Functional Skills qualification for free I thought I’d give it a go.  So I studied at Cambridge Adult Learning and Skills Centre. The tutor supported me where I needed it and then took the exam and passed YAY!
The best thing was it built my confidence now I’m looking at other qualifications can help me to progress in my career.
On the art, it’s nice to have something separate from work I do a lot more arty stuff now.

Leung’s journey to revive his cooking skills at Wintercomfort and get back into employment!
Having previously worked as a Chef for a number of years Leung was keen to achieve a genuine sense of fulfilment in his life. He wanted to use his skills for the purpose of something that would guide him back into work.
Leung stated: “I learnt to improve my pastry skills. I made a pecan pie. Being a Chef you always learn every day and I gained more experience…”
The substantial impact the Kitchen skills course had on him was astonishing. As he added: “I am always made to feel welcome here. They supported me by helping me get back into work and feel confidence again.”

Mark makes progress in finding independence on the Independence Skills – Speak to Communicate Entry 2 course
Mark started the course in order to gain confidence and develop a level of independence, he mentioned, “When I was at school I was always shy and nervous. “It proved a wholesome and positive experience for Mark as he added, “I have enjoyed the course. I have done a lot of different things that I haven’t done before.”
Mark made such great progress, he said: “I feel more confident now. I am able to do more things independently.”
The impact on his life and future has been highly enriching, as Mark stated “I feel more confident now. I am able to do more things independently. I have started to use my bank account by putting money in and withdrawing it. It has made me realise that I could live independently in the future.”

Ivana makes progress within her current career
Ivana had studied maths previously at school, however she had not done well and sadly achieved poor results. Coming from a sales/administration background she felt working on her maths would boost her in her current work role.
Ivana began by going to the March Learning centre with the pursuit in mind of gaining an up to date qualification firstly in Maths Functional Skills at Level two.
Ivana stated about the course content: “I found the variation in topics helped my learning and retention of information.”
The experience lead to further learning, she added: “Working on this programme and achieving a qualification at level 2 has prompted me to progress further and I have registered for and enrolled on to Functional Skills in English at level 2.”