Move On Up is a programme of learning we run for people with additional learning needs and/or autism. We work together on increasing confidence, improving skills and communication which can help lead to independence and employment.

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TR, a learner at Ely Adult Learning and Skills Centre, October 2018.
Well I have now secured a job in the field I was after. I have more confidence that I can do anything if I put my mind to it!
It wasn’t going well for me getting a job so I came here and did all the above (ECDL Level 2, English Level 2, Maths Level 2 and Employability Entry Level 3) to give me a fighting changes to get a job.
They (Tutors at Ely Learning and Skills Centre) gave me all the support I needed and helped me feel better about myself to carry on and keep going.’

Maxine, a learner at Wisbech Adult Learning and Skills Centre, October 2018.
‘I have now registered on to the Higher Level Teaching Assistant course so I can progress in my workplace.
I work in a local primary school as a teaching assistant and in order to progress in the workplace I needed to gain English Level 2 in order to go onto a Higher Level Teaching Assistant course at the College of West Anglia. I was impressed that I was able to complete so quickly…the learning centre process allowed me to achieve quickly (to get my Level 2 in order for me to progress’

DN, a learner on Pathfinder Maths at Ely Adult Learning and Skills Centre, October 2018
I am a professional in the NHS and work full time… I came for ‘self betterment’ and getting rid of any fears of maths and positive thinking. I learned that maths is nothing to be scared of. Everything I learned was positive, Nothing was wasted. I got support to get my maths from basic to advanced. The experience was fantastic. You were helpful, understanding and patient. Thank you very much.’

Theresa, a learner on Functional Skills Maths and English at Level 2 and ECDL Extra Level 2
“I wanted to work in a school as a Teaching Assistant, but needed Maths, English and Computers. Since passing my exams I have got a job working with children in a pre-school. I found it very easy to study at the Adult Learning and Skills Centre, the staff are very friendly and very helpful, and there is coffee too!”

Cathryn, a learner on ECDL Extra Level 2
I have really enjoyed doing the course and have found the support and encouragement of the staff fantastic. The Adult Learning and Skills Centre is a brilliant resource for people like me trying to improve my skills, in order to get back into the workforce.”
Cathryn’s Tutor Karen says “Cathryn has been a very keen learner, eager to complete the course so she can progress in her career”

A learner from Story Sacks, Family Learning
"This course has been an invaluable and rewarding project for myself and my children.  I would really recommend the course to anyone with small children and people to encourage your children to develop a love for books, reading and to help with speech and language skills through listening, learning and playing."
"I enrolled on a free Story Sacks course which was advertised as a great way of story-telling and creating a sack full of fun activities to encourage children’s development and family time. Over six weeks I created a story sack containing a the Gruffalo’s Child story book and then made props, games and included games, puppets, the audio CD, a fact book and other items I thought my 2 small children might enjoy.

Catherine, National Careers Service Client in Huntingdonshire 
“I have secured a place on an MA course which fits around my supply teaching. I'm hoping the course will provide me with suitable knowledge and experience to support the job roles I’m interested in. Thank you for your help and advice.”

Angie,  National Careers Service client
“Once again thank you for making me feel so at ease yesterday. I have to admit that had very low expectations of how the National Careers Service could help but you blew that out of the water! Your understanding of my needs and situation has made me feel very confident that the support is there to help me get back into employment at a steady pace.”