#BeInspired Awards

Please click here to find out more and to make your nomination.  Your voice counts! Vote by midnight on Wednesday 2nd May 2018.

Nominations are now open for the 2018 #BeInspired Awards.   Our Awards celebrate the achievements of inspiring individuals, projects and organisations who have shown outstanding passion, commitment and drive to improve themselves or their community through learning, often in the face of difficult circumstances. The awards are co-ordinated by Adult Learning and Skills, our Providers and Partners. The Award ceremony will take place in Ely in July.

The Award categories are:
- Excellent Partner Award
- Excellent Provider Award
- Getting into Work Award
- Inspirational Volunteer Award
- Inspirational Supporter Award
- Inspirational Learner Award

We are looking for people, projects and organisations whose learning achievements will inspire others to return to or take up learning, people who have improved their lives and /or the lives of others, and gained a positive or life changing experience from adult learning.

Find all the inspirational stories of our 2017 #BeInspired Award winners below

In July 2017 Adult Learning and Skills held its first #BeInspired Awards evening at Ely College to celebrate the successes of our learners, partners, providers and tutors.

Please take a look at our video of the evening here

Photos of the evening: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B65volYgZuJ2MnJLSW5aSEt0MEk

Inspirational Learner: Sponsored by Good Things Foundation
Winner: Zainab Jurabay Inspirational Learner - Zhainab Jurabay.pdf
Highly commended: Susan Hines and Gemma Sommersby

Inspiring Supporter: Sponsored by Education Training Foundation
Winner: Christine Dade Supporting into Work Christine Dade.docx.pdf
Highly commended: Kasia Pluta and Ruth Mitchell

Inspiring Supporter Video here

Excellent Volunteer Group Sponsored by Rotary Club of Ely
Winner: Manea Internet Club
Highly commended: Chesterton ESOL Group and the Family Maths class at Hunts Nursery

Excellent volunteer group video here

Excellent Volunteer Sponsored by Rotary Club of Ely
Winner: Sam Clift Inspiring Volunteer Award - Sam Clift.docx.pdf
Highly commended: Maureen Foster and Jo Giddings

Excellent Partner Sponsored by Tesco Huntingdon
Winner: Ely JCP Excellent Partner - Andrew Hodgkinson.docx.pdf
Highly commended: Millfield Primary School, Littleport and EDGE, Huntingdon

Excellent Provider
Winner: GAP Learning CIC See video here
Highly commended: Ely College and CELS

Getting into Work
Winner: Samir Osman Getting into Work - Samir Osman.docx.pdf
Highly commended: Chris Young and Shahada Bibi

Career Progression
Winner: Louise Hill Career Progression - Louise Hill.docx.pdf
Highly commended: Julia Sillet and Ewa Wera

Supporting into Work
Joint Winners: Mark Hawking: Switch Now CIC Supporting into Work Mark Hawking.pdf and Kenny Cox: Adult Learning and Skills Supporting into Work - Kenny Cox.docx.pdf

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